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Hey Y'all, 
Did I ever mention that I put together a little short film for Titmouse Animation's Annual 5 Second Day?
This little animatic was put together over about 2.5 days (which would explain the "amazing" line quality ;)

Let me know what you think after checking out the link:

<img src="…" width="75" alt="Niko and the Sword of Light, Ep. 1 "Niko and the Sword of Light" Amazon Instant Video ~ Sung Jin Ahn" height="75">
Niko and the Sword of Light, Ep. 1 "Niko and the Sword 

i should have posted this here sooner. A while back I had the chance to help out on this incredibly well animated and designed pilot which could be a series. I say could be because Amazon needs our views to determine if the pilot earns series status. Is there a demand for quality animation today? I feel like thee is a void of quality in animated tv series out in the market. If we have the power to demand better because we know better than why not? Nothing to lose and quality to gain. What say yee? Watch the pilot, cast your vote, and help bring a little light into the darkened realm of classical animation.
Howdy Y'all, 
Just a quick heads up from Turbo Production to announce some good news. 
My friend and fellow animator, animation artist, Steve Ahn has released his first sketchbook!
If you like cool art and inspiring animation style drawing, cruise on over to his page to check out his amazing art and get your copy today!


Howdy Yall,

Long time no blog!

Working on Turbo F.A.S.T. has kept me pretty busy for the past few months.

Today, I had the chance to see an animation clip from a sequence I story boarded in episode Ready Set Glow, directed by the tremendously talented Juno Lee.

The animation turned out incredibly well due to the amazing talented animators at Titmouse Animation and the entire animation production team.…

Check it out when you can on Netflix and see what I make when not making art for DA ;).
Things have been quite busy during the warmer months, I was wrapping up on MVA and some freelance before moving onto a new show: Turbo F.A.S.T. A straight to Netflix animated series based on the upcoming Dreamworks Feature animated film:Turbo.
Production has been like the name of the show implies, fast. The show is looking great so far, funny scripts, and some amazing animation being made stateside by the Titmouse animation team. If I didn't already have a Netflix account, I'd sign up to watch this show when it premieres. :) 
I hope to post more when I can. Until then, I'll catch you all later. Peace :)
So you've waited 4 long years for it and now it's finally here! ;)
What's been keeping me away from sharing love here on DA for what feels like 8 months?? Storyboarding episodes of this brand new series for Nickelodeon.

You can catch the first full two part Monsters Vs. Aliens episode here:…

I work along side the talented crew that boarded and created this first episode that was being finished up (preproduction) when I joined the team. The link above is to the introductory episode with more monsterous epic battles and funny business in following episodes.

It's been quite a ride and learning experience working with some really talented, funny, and great artists/fellow humans ;)


Since the show premiered following the Kids Choice Awards on Nick, Ben Balistreri posted some designs which he did for the series on his blog.
Exciting stuff to be inspired by here:…

See you all here this weekend:

I'll be around the con checking out the lectures, catching up with friends, and soaking up the inspiration.
If you're there you'll probably have a chance to see and meet fellow DA artists:

Just to name a few among the many inspirational and influential artists who will be attending this weekend.
See ya there.

PS. Is there an easy way to post the icons of your friends to your entries?
Catch this while you can!
The first visually stunning episode of Disney's new Tron animated TV series.
Way to go Disney TV Animation for putting together an all star crew to make this show!…
Robert Valley's latest animatic in progress.
Moody, stylish, and thought provoking new approach to telling this short story.
Check it out here:
I was recently listening to The Story on the way home from work and heard this thought provoking idea.
"I think its' the excitement of what one does that gives the spirit to Life. Life isn't measured in years. It's measured in the amount of creative devotion and excitement you have in your soul. As long as you can express yourself in ways that reveal something of who you are, you celebrate that, and just keep going!"
Ashely Bryan at 88 years old talking with Dick Gordon, after being asked how he can keep going at such an incredibly fast rate for a man of advanced years in his art.

Podcast for more on Author, Poet, Artist Ashely Bryan here:…
Do you want to own original hand drawn/ painted animation art?
Do you want to own a piece of animation history?
Do you want your dollars spent to go toward helping a family in need save their children from a life threatening illness?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please head over to:…

Where your winning bids on an original piece of animation art can help the Adams family cope with the harrowing family health/ financial situation which is still dire.
You can read more about it here:

At the first part of the silent auction on Thursday night, the number of amazing originals presented was as large as the turn out of support from the animation community.
Please check in if interested on the auction for a good cause. Bidding closes tonight at 7pm PST.
Spread the good word about this event where you can.
Tonight ONLY!
In the super secret email files I received an exclusive tip, I'm sharing with you!
Yes, you, true believer!
You can have a chance to head out to The Secret HeadQuarters to meet comic book artist and illustrator maverick Bill Seinkiewicz.
For 2 hours only, Mr. Sienkiewicz will be signing new hard copies of Electra Assassin (available for purchase in store while supplies last).
If you are in the Los Angeles area and are a huge fan of  Sienkiewicz, this is not an event to be missed!

Store info here:

Props to the shadow operatives at SHQ for setting this up!
I don't have too many words to say regarding his passing. He has had a huge impact on numerous artists across the globe. Always an inspiration to me since the first time I saw his work, a friend of mine showed me her copy of  
The Airtight Garage and I was taken a back. Been in awe since.

Bigger story here:…
Say now!
Here's something you don't see everyday, a strong female protagonist in a leading role featured in a Pixar animated film!
She shoots and scores!
Check out the latest Trailer for Brave in 1080p HD if you haven't already caught it!…
Blazing their way across the universe and the internet comes this international internet sensation!
The Space Stallions!
It's campy, it's over the top, and it brought back many memories for me watching early morning animated programing when i was younger.
Surprisingly this was created by animation students in the old year of 2012!
Check this out!:…

Props to for bringing this gem to light!
A good friend passed this along to me and I found it inspiring.
What do you think?!vid…
Yet another talented group of French animation students has produced a noteworthy short film for their final project.
On par with the great shorts released from major animation studios, this short film delivers the goods on a shoe string.
I enjoyed its quaint charm and subtle humor.  Check it out here:
Blazing it's way onto American Retailers shelves this coming month on Blu-Ray and DVD (Jan 17th 2012) is the long anticipated Mad House production of Red Line!
Set in the distant future of over the top adrenaline pumping speed racing that is like no other race you've seen before.

Sure it's been out for a year in Japan with a slow release across Europe. But in the US it's on it's way in time for the new year!
Check out the extended trailer here:…
This looks epic!
Seeing this trailer revives my interest in the old epic battle event movie!
Looking forward to catching this soon:…
What happens when Ultra Violence meets Slick Limited Animation?
These two don't often meet, but when they do, it looks something like this:
Warning! Not safe for the squeamish or perhaps your work mates!
Think Tarentino meets Animation and you decide where you want to watch. ;)

Brought to you by the dynamic duo who's previous film, Jean Francios, garnered lots of attention in the animation community.